Nilima is one of original women sewing blankets for ConneXions. She has been stitching for over three years now. She�s an enthusiastic woman with much youth still radiating through her smile. She is married and has an 8-year-old son. She used to live near ConneXions but when her slum community was evicted and the buildings torn down, she had to relocate with her family to the outskirts of the city. All that remains now where her home once was is a wall that divides the remaining community from the railroad tracks. She lives in her new home with her husband, her son and 5 other extended family members. Nilima now commutes to ConneXions once a week to receive more work and catch up with the rest of her family that still lives locally.

Nilima is not the sole breadwinner for the family. Her husband and brother-in-law are electricians but the work is often scarce. Nilima’s sewing, along with her mother-in-laws job as a doctors assistant, help to bring security and stability to the family.

Nilima finished school when she was 16-years-old completing class nine. She received no further training and has not been previously employed. She does, however, have the full-time responsibilities of being a house wife which makes sewing blankets at home an ideal source of income for her.

As a blanket-maker, Nilima enjoys the independence, security and ability to save money for emergencies instead of having to turn to moneylenders with their extremely high interest rates. Her earnings also pay for her son’s education and are currently going towards paying off a loan, which helped to finance the completion of their new home.

Nilima not only enjoys the much-needed income but also finds much relief and pleasure in stitching. When her housework is done, she likes to hide away in the house and quietly stitch a few hours of peace to re-energize herself. She hopes her future is filled with many more blankets to make and wants to say to those who buy her blankets, I am very thankful. It has helped me very much. Buy more and more so I can keep making blankets

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