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I believe that one of the worst things that has happened to the Mass-Producing, Consuming Western World is that we have lost all contact with those who are making our goods.

When buying fair trade products you can consume in confidence that the person who made the particular good is being paid fairly and working under just circumstances. But often the face and, maybe more adequately said, the hands, behind the products are still forgotten.

At ConneXions we desire to have the wall that keeps consumers and producers separated torn down. We are always happy to have people come visit us at the ConneXions Center and meet the women working here. We extend a personal invitation to you to come to Kolkata and experience the joys of the ConneXions Center but also realize Kolkata not is not in most people’s neck of the woods.

Because very few who are able to enjoy our handmade goods will never see the center I have begun to visit some of the women who’s lives have been touched by ConneXions and have recorded their stories here for you to read. I hope you are touched by them as they have been touched by you and your orders.

So make yourself a cup of chai (tea) and take a few minutes to read these stories and meet the women behind the ConneXions products. Please return to this site from time to time as we will try to add more and more stories, as we believe each one here is special and has been uniquely touched by ConneXions.

~ Jenny Scott

[I want to also acknowledge the help of Katharina Freudiger and Joya Mondal in this adventure. Without their amazing linguistic abilities, translating between Bengali and English, I would not be able learn of these women’s stories. Thank you!]

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